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N2 The Talking Cat was a black American Shorthair who touched the hearts of many YouTube cat lovers. He will always live on in our hearts.


N2 The Talking Cat (Deceased) started out as a YouTube show created and developed by account user VersaBC. Since then it had 4 seasons and N2 with help from his owner and Kona, created an entire album on iTunes for a total of $16.99. N2 was a preppy cat who, with the help of Kona the siamese cat, created mischief only talking cats could make. Some songs on N2's albums were: "Preppy Cat", "Super Hero Cat", "Tarter On My Teeth", and "What does the Cat Say?".

His Album Photo

Personal Life

N2 lived with his owner and sister Kona the Siamese cat. N2 had an older brother Night Crawler who sadly passed away in 2011. N2 had previously been to the vet with tarter on his teeth and Kona had to go because she had ear mites. N2 is a preppy cat who enjoyed the company of his owner and the occasional company of his sister Kona who had a drinking problem and had high blood pressure. N2 created an invention that sent Kona to the year 2015, but sadly N2 was not awarded for his high achievements. He was diagnosed with cancer in April 2014, and sadly died on April 25 2014. Many people still truly miss N2 and some try to avoid the channel completely, just because of N2's death.

Kona and n2

A Personal Photo of N2 & Kona kona is all alone you will be show her you love and don't for to love n2 we love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beginnings, Preppy Cat and hiatus (2010-13)

On November 29, 2010, N2 Cat Crew joined YouTube and his first video was posted on December 10, 2010 called ''Loudest Purr'' but on April 4, 2011, N2 Cat Crew made a YouTube series called ''N2 The Talking Cat'', then on June 19, 2011, he made his very first hit called ''Preppy Cat'', in summer 2012, the album was released and the show was put on hiatus on December 21, 2013.

N2's Death, Hiatus ending, first appearance of Bo and Super Hero Cat (2014-15)

On April 25, 2014 during the hiatus, N2 died from cancer and Super Hero Cat was released in summer 2014, Bo was first introduced on June 29, 2014 and the hiatus was lifted on September 6, 2014 when ''Super Hero Cat in You'' was released.

Cats In Trouble (2016-17)

Cats In Trouble was released in summer 2016, but has re-released on April 25, 2017 in favor of ''Rise To The Top'' and instead of N2 or VersaBC singing the songs, Bo and Kona are singing them, while N2 sung ''Boss Cat'' and ''Rise To The Top'', Bo and Kona has done most of the work.

Upcoming fourth album (2018-present)

Bo, VersaBC and Kona are working on another album for a summer 2018 release. The only known song for this album is Kona's little death metal song.

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